Translation (EUR)

TRANSLATION                          general                technical 

EN/DE/FR to CS                           € 13.5                     € 14.5
CS to EN/DE/FR                           € 14.5                     € 16.5
EN/DE/FR to  EN/DE/FR             € 15.5                     € 18.5

The listed prices are per standard page

(1800 characters including spaces.)

For certain types of translations, we charge rates per hour (same as rates per page), or rates per word.

Please provide your translations in the .docx or PDF formats*. Scanned documents and other document formats that are hard to convert may be subject to

extra charge (e.g. pictures including texts in presentations).

Express translations are possible for extra charge.

Proofreading (FR, EN, DE, CS)

PROOFREADING         50% of the standard price 

We charge 50% of the standard translation price for proofreading.

Interpreting (EUR)

INTERPRETING                       up to 4 hours            4-8 hours

consecutive                                 € 150                     € 230
simultaneous                              € 190                     € 300

Accommodation and travel costs are not included in the price.

Accompaniment at trade fairs

TRADE FAIRS               € 100 per day

Accommodation and travel costs are not included in the price.

Other services

15 EUR/hod.

* Accepted formats: .docx, .doc, .ppt, .xls and original .pdf formats that are easily readable and convertible. Scanned .pdf formats in poor quality might increase the price.


Translation and Interpreting

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