Translation prices for 1 standard page (1800 characters, 250 words) depend on several factors: translations into Czech or a foreign language, complexity of the text (general / technical or professional), format (scanned .pdf, word, excel), date, scope etc. The prices are indicative.

General translations

Translations of e-mails, common communications, messages, etc.

350 CZK
13.5 EUR
Professional translations

Translations of technical reports, manuals, contracts, etc.

420 CZK
16 EUR
Express translations

Translations within a few hours or overnight (over 5ns)

650 CZK
25 EUR

Linguistic and stylistic check by a native speaker or second translator.

50% of the translation

For some types of orders, we charge an hourly rate

(= rate for NS).

In addition to classic texts, we can also process larger and longer-term projects such as website translations.

* Accepted formats: .docx, .doc, .ppt, .xls and original .pdf formats that are easily readable and convertible. Scanned .pdf formats in poor quality might increase the price.

Interpretation prices without accommodation and transport (costs associated with travel and accommodation are paid in addition to the listed prices.)

For simultaneous interpreting, two interpreters are always needed and it is necessary to provide interpreting equipment (booths, cabin equipment, receivers). This equipment is not included and we can help you arrange it.

Subsequent - suitable for training, lectures, courses, speeches and other events.

Consecutive interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting

Suitable for conferences. 2 interpreters and equipment are always needed.

4000 CZK 150 EUR

4 hod

6000 CZK 230 EUR

8 hod

5000 CZK 190 EUR

4 hod

8000 CZK 305 EUR

8 hod

Trade fairs

Assistance at trade fairs.

2500 CZK
95 EUR
Other services

Language consultations, international calls, subtitling, etc.

400 CZK
15.5 EUR